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Hi, I'm Kelly Swanson, and if you landed on this page, you must have a message that the world really needs to hear. I'm glad you found me.  I have spent decades as a motivational speaker, award-winning storyteller, comedian, and storytelling expert. In that time, thousands of people have come to me to help them with their message. At first I looked at it as an art - a creative process. But the more speeches and messages I reviewed, the more I began to see patterns. That people were making the same mistakes. Leaving out the one thing that would make them much more impactful in their presentations - CONNECTION. 

Too many people rely on data to influence. But it's not in the data where the magic happens. It's in how you wrap it and present it to your listener. 

This is where I come in.

I know how to help you take your information and make it so that it creates an emotional connection with your listener.

I have broken it down into a three-tiered process that is easy to follow and can be used for every presentation you ever give. 

Power up your sales talk - your marketing copy - your social media posts - or even the messages you share internally within your organization. The results are amazing. I promise.

Have you ever sat through training that left you more confused than you started? Staring at a mountain of information you know you'll never use? Not this time.

The Persuasion Principle(TM) is more than just a data dump of information - it's a systematic approach based on three core components - Connection, Structure, and Story.


And the BEST part is that we customize the program to fit your group! Whether it's business consulting, continued education training, keynotes, or a workshop. We've got you covered.

Whether you need your people to take the course online on their own time - through a series of virtual webinars - or bringing Kelly and her team out to your location in person - or even a hybrid of all these - we will fit the training to your objectives, budget, and time schedule.

Ask about Kelly's Infamous Story Makeovers!

When the teaching is done, and your students have presentations that have been put through the process, they are ready for Kelly's live on-the-spot coaching. In minutes, Kelly takes your speech, web copy, sales talk, story, or any message - and shows you how to power it up. Crazy value. Crazy fun to watch. And everybody learns in the process.

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