Kelly Swanson

The Persuasion Principle

Because your message matters.

It's time to talk less and sell more.


"But wait - I'm not a salesperson!" 

Maybe it's not in your job description, but we all have platforms of influence, a message we want to share with the world, and the opportunity to influence the people in our communities.

We are ALL in the business of persuasion. 

"Who can help me?"

Good question. There are many people teaching outdated formulas that simply organize your talking points.

There are many people teaching effective communication and presentation skills. But if nobody is listening, what's the point?

Nobody is really teaching you how to truly persuade, and create an authentic emotional connection. 

There are people teaching the art of story, who haven't really used the tool effectively themselves.

They stand on a stage and tell you why story matters, but you walk away not any better than you came, because you don't know how to do it yourself.

Don't you wish you had someone who could listen to your message and in minutes tell you what is missing and how to fix it? And be right?

There are few teachers of an art, who are also masters of that art.

If you want to learn how to be the best at crafting your message - learn from the best. The one who's actually done it. And has hundreds of audiences and clients who sing her praises.

"So what am I doing wrong?"

You might not be doing anything wrong, but you are probably missing the one piece that will give you the highest level of influence and persuasion. 


Your message is important, but without connection, you are speaking an entirely different language than your listener.

Meet Kelly Swanson
Your Story Whisperer

This amazing woman has not only built a 20-year career as an award-winning storyteller, motivational speaker, comedian, and stage performer - she has the incredible gift of being able to teach you how she does it. She is your go-to person for helping you find, craft, and tell the stories that matter.

And even more incredible, she can help you craft your message in a way that is POWERFUL, PERSUASIVE, and  AUTHENTICALLY YOU. 

Note: This web page is dedicated to the training side of Kelly's business. If you are interested in learning more about the keynote speaking and theater work that Kelly does, please CLICK HERE to go to Kelly's main website.



Get Results

Kelly explains why the Persuasion Principle (TM) matters to YOU.

Specific ways that Kelly has helped her clients:

  • Clarity on Brand Messaging
  • Selling without Sounding Like You're Selling
  • Presenting Sensitive Topics
  • Reaching a Diverse Audience
  • Finding Story Ideas that Fit Your Market
  • Crafting Authentic Humor
  • Engaging on a Virtual Platform
  • How to Speak and Engage with Authenticity
  • Making Clinical Information less Clinical
  • Ted Talks, Demo Reels, Company Stories
  • Powering up a Pitch
  • High-Level Keynotes
  • Raising Awareness for  Non-Profits
  • Structuring a Book 
  • Content Creation for Social Media
  • Leadership Messaging
  • Vision Casting 
  • Crafting the Collective Narrative
  • And don't forget - people also hire Kelly to come tell their story as a keynote. She's brilliant at bringing your company's narrative to life.

Ask about Kelly's Story Makeovers!

When the teaching is done, and your students have presentations that have been put through the process, they are ready for Kelly's live on-the-spot coaching. In minutes, Kelly takes your speech, web copy, sales talk, story, or any message - and shows you how to power it up. Crazy value. Crazy fun to watch. And everybody learns in the process.

Have you ever sat through training that left you more confused than you started?

Staring at a mountain of information you know you'll never use? Not this time.

The Persuasion Principle(TM) is more than just a data dump of information.

It's a systematic approach based on three core components -

Connection, Structure, and Story.

We met Kelly in 2018 at the annual conference of the National Speakers Association, where we went to find the best of the best. Kelly ran a workshop for her fellow professional speakers to help them improve their own presentations, and we were amazed. Not only was she a master storyteller herself, but she had a genius for helping others to do the same. We said to each other: “Wow, if she can do this for professional speakers, imagine what she can do for us in IT!” So, we booked her for all our events throughout 2019.

I am writing this testimonial in December 2019, and Kelly has been an absolute pleasure to work with this entire year. She was the keynote for ten of the events I personally ran for our company, but she also spoke at 35 of our events. She is professional, funny, easy to work with and dependable. What more can you ask for?

It was very impressive to see Kelly build a keynote to fit our niche audience of executive government IT folks. She did a wonderful job educating our attendees on the importance of storytelling in life and business, while making it real to them on how they can apply this skill in their fields. My favorite part of her session was when she would go into the audience and interview random people to find out what they do, who they help, problems they run into, etc. to pull their story out of them while giving tips on the spot to help tell that story in an impactful way to garner more interest and stakeholder support.

Kelly can motivate anyone while keeping it light and humorous. I definitely recommend her to any business or organization! She has become a good friend and we will definitely be staying in touch. 

Reilly Mortimer
National Conference Director
Government Technology Magazine

If you are in business, you have to be able to persuade your audience with stories. Kelly Swanson is a game changer when it comes to making your stories better. I would highly recommend working with Kelly if you ever have the chance.
Sarah Petty Founder
Joy of Marketing | Sarah Petty Photography
New York Times Best Selling Author of Worth Every Penny 

When it comes to storytelling and crafting the perfect message Kelly Swanson is in a category of her own. I have worked with a lot of coaches, and sought out so many experts but none have compared to Kelly. I return to her time and time again.  Kelly  has a rare talent, a unique ability to not only help you craft your story but actually shows you how to do it. Working with Kelly, I have not only walked away with better stories, but I walked away with a deeper understanding of how to craft a story and the skills to do it. She also has a unique talent in being able to see all the moving pieces of a brand and channel them into powerful words and imaging.
Meridith Elliott Powell, MBA, CSP
Business Growth Strategist, Award Wining Author and President MotionFirst

Kelly has the ability to take any story and turn it into an Oscar-winning performance.

Steve Balaban
Mink Capital

I want you to know that the time I was able to be with you was life changing!  I have been in some sort of acting activity most my life.  Speech and Drama in High School were my best friends. Later on I would find myself working for Disney World and Sea World in Orlando FL.  I would then go on to doing guest appearances on The Travel Channel, A&E, Life and so on.  With all this training and TV time, I never linked it to my everyday work as a professional Wedding DJ until I met you!

Yesterday I returned to a wedding show after staying away for two years because the clients seemed to be getting on the real low side of budgets and  the leads were 8-10 at most with me booking maybe one or two.  However this time, after taking your program, something told me I needed to return. 

Yesterday was amazing!  Through storytelling I was able to land 27 Brides that want to have a consultation.  Largest number ever! I made several cry tears of joy and gave several others goosebumps. And all I did was tell the story we worked on in your session.

You have unlocked something in me that I use to be so passionate about. Something I was really good at and I can’t thank you enough!  You are an amazing person and storyteller.   We all were so fortunate in having you at the Huddle. I can’t wait to read the book you gave us.  I hope you have a blessed week. 

Kindest Regards,
Chris Dedman, DJ/Owner

And the BEST part is that we customize the program to fit your group or you as an individual! Whether it's business consulting, training, keynotes, or a workshop. We've got you covered.

Whether you need your people to take the course online on their own time - through a series of virtual webinars - or bringing Kelly and her team out to your location in person - or even a hybrid of all these - we will fit the training to your objectives, budget, and time schedule.

We are not a one-size-fits all solution.

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