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Because the show must go on(line). 

And virtual doesn't have to mean boring.


Kelly Swanson
Virtual Production Package



Kelly's Virtual Productions are designed to WOW your audience - get them excited about coming - keep them entertained and engaged start to finish. And most of all, to make you look like a rock star while we do all the heavy lifting.  There's no reason you have to give up fun when going virtual.




All Virtual Packages Include:

Note: This is NOT a "Zoom Room Meeting" - this is a Virtual Production. Our events are designed so that we don't see and hear the attendees during the keynote.  They can comment and chat during the keynote. And they can interact with each other outside the keynote on our platform.  But during the keynote show/program, there is only one person on that stage, and the audience is quiet.

    • Complimentary Consult
      • Meet with one of our Program Planners to discuss your objectives including audience size and length of requested program
    • Platform Hosting
      • We provide the platform that fits your needs
      • We run the event on this platform for you
      • You just show up and enjoy the event
      • Several platform options available
    • Customized Web Landing Page
      • We create a beautiful landing page with your event information, how to register, etc.
    • Customized Video Invite
      • We create a customized video that you can use to promote your event to your list of attendees
    • Your Own/Sponsor/Vendor Ads
      • We can put messaging from your organization, sponsors, or vendors - on the platform, the web page, the video, and even during the event itself.
    • Registrations
      • We provide the registration process where your people can register directly from our platform
      • Or you can give us an email list and we will register them onto our platform
    • Ticket Sales
      • If there is a ticket price to attend your event, we can handle that
      • Money for ticket sales will not run through us, but will be directed to your own payment system
    • Fundraising / Donations
      • If you would like to raise money at this event, we can work in a component that allows people to give donations, or arrange different ticket options as fundraising levels
      • Let Kelly write a custom message to make the attendees care about what you care about - to open hearts and open wallets.
      • We can offer opportunities to donate at all stages of the event - even during the show
      • We do not take the donations directly, but simply provide the link to send money to your payment platform
    • Pre-Event Announcements
      • We provide any necessary announcements and reminders to your people leading up to the event
      • Send us pre-recorded messages from your team, your CEO, your sponsor, another speaker, and we will add it to the program video in the perfect places.
      • We can even help you craft this message to be super compelling and shine you in the best light possible
      • Kelly can even craft this message for you and tell your story in an emotionally compelling way
    • Host Greetings
      • We will be there waiting to greet people as they arrive and make sure they understand where to go and what to do and what is happening when.
    • Customized Pre-Recorded Keynote Production
      • Kelly will prepare a funny, motivating, keynote that fits your objectives. Our team works hours behind the scenes creating an amazing online production.
      • Kelly will make sure there is a pre-recorded message in there that has been written JUST for your audience
      • Note: Kelly's keynote  length will depend on how long you want your event program to run, and what other things need to happen during that time.
    • Two (2) Customized Ads or Messages
      • Send us two pre-recorded messages from your people and we will work them into the program video or as an ad on the platform.
      • Kelly can help you prepare those messages and even deliver them if you prefer
    • Other Speaker Videos
      • If you want to include several speakers, or workshops, we can help make that happen.
    • Prizes and Giveaways
      • Ten (10) Items we will give away as prizes for your attendees (usually Kelly's books and show merch)
      • If you want to weave in a game or a contest, we can do that too. It's fun to watch people play games and interact.
    • Customized Activity
      • Is there something special you would like to do? We'll help make that happen
        • Silent Auction
        • Honoring a Special Guest
        • Testimonial from a Cancer Survivor
    • Exhibit Hall / Trade Show Booths
      • Our platform will allow you to create a separate space for your vendors to create a sales video, and even interact with attendees
      • Just like a real live conference, attendees can browse the exhibit hall while waiting for the show to start.
    • Emcee/Facilitation
      • We keep the night running smoothly and help with any questions people have.
    • Meet and Greet / Q&A
      • Kelly will be able to pop on live to chat and answer questions before/after the program
      • We can even schedule a meet and greet on a different day if you want to extend the experience
    • We will say good-bye
    • Gather testimonials
    • And send a follow up email if you wish 
  • VIP Special Online Event
    • This includes something special for your top sponsors - held online - at a different time.
    • Maybe it's a workshop or a coffee chat or a webinar


Note: Our goal is to take as much risk out of this as we can, and do the most we can to create a high-quality experience for the audience. The more we can pre-record, the better.  We create an event that has been entirely pre-recorded and exists on one video and is not live-streamed, but rather uploaded onto the platform in advance. Ready to go and just hit play at showtime.  HOWEVER........we want to give the audience the feel of a LIVE experience.  So Kelly will be there on the platform ready to pop in live before and after the video, and to chat with them during the show too. 


Prices Quoted Upon Request and will vary depending on audience size and length of program. Contact us for proposal.



Contact Us For Pricing

All events are quoted separately based on factors like group size, customization required,etc. 


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