A year of story magic

Join us in Kelly Swanson's online Story Studio, where we become masters of the craft, and raise our level of influence, one story at a time.

Get your speech revamped.

Get your brand story written.

Create your amazing Ted Talk.

Write that theater show.

Revamp that sales pitch. 

Map out that new book.

Get feedback on your story.

Learn how to be more persuasive.

Join an awesome group of people.


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Mission Statement

Who we are and what we are here for

Story Impact Academy is...a group of people with a common interest in story persuasion - with a message that needs to be shared with the world - and a story that begs to be told.

We are people who want to learn how to master our moments of impact.
We are non-profits, sales people, artists, entrepreneurs, financial planners, and anything in between. We are teams who are seeking a collective message story, and want to bring remarkable moments to our customers, employees, and markets.
We believe that telling people what to do is not the same as making them want to do it. We meet here to explore that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion. And in this process, we encourage, support, and lift each other up.
We honor that people will be in different stages of their journey with different levels of commitment to this group.
We share each others stories and link arms to support the missions of others without judgment.
This group is about story, persuasion, and influence, and  becoming masters of the craft.

What you get in return for your enrollment

A year of magic

Continued Learning...Learn Kelly's Secrets

  • Persuasion Principle Online Course (Self-Paced)

  • Certification (if you meet requirements)

  • Library of Resources 

  • Online Group Classes Customized to Your Story Needs

  • Story Templates to Create Your Own Stories for Marketing, Sales, Presentations, Meetings, Etc.
  • Your own finished "Who am I, What I do, and Why I Matter" story
  • Great topics like:
    • Humor & Crafting Characters
    • Creating a marketing story portfolio with customer stories
    • Writing and Delivering a Story Driven One-Woman Show
    • How to Pitch from a Platform with Authenticity and Heart
    • Elevator and Vendor Pitches Powered Up
    • Crafting social media stories and strategies
    • Wowing customers in a moment through story
    • Writing a Brand Story that Sells
    • Stories for Leaders to use in Vision Casting and Team Building
    • And lots more!

Ongoing Support...Kelly's eyes on your stories & help when you need it

  • Open Online Office Hours with Kelly

  • Story Makeovers Online in Group Coaching Format

  • Small Group Interaction, Feedback, and Encouragement
  • Access to Group Community Page for Q&A and networking

Leverage Connections...Help Each Other Get Your Stories Out to the World

  • Cross Promoting to Share Stories

  • Your Stories Shared on Story Impact Community Pages and Social Media Channels
  • Opportunities to Share Your Products and Services With Others in the Community
  • Co-Branding and Private Sessions for your team/company.

Team/Group Benefits...Enroll your whole company or team 

  • Online Private Strategy Sessions with Kelly and your team
  • Private Online Story Makeover Sessions
  • Private Company Community Page 
  • Co-Branding Opportunities
  • On-Site Workshops and Boot Camps at Your Location
  • Private Office Hours for Your Team
All members also  receive Special Membership Discount Rates for private coaching with Kelly - and live events hosted by Kelly.
GET YOUR SEAT TODAY at the special limited time introductory price!


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A little Kelly goes a long way.

Whether you join us for the fellowship, the access to Kelly each month, or just to take the course, you'll find it is worth every penny. And then some. See you in the studio!

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