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Is this you?

  • Need to get in front of your people with some humor and motivation?
  • Are your people desperate for some content that is fresh and relevant?
  • Desperate to get your message out to your buyers and market in way that is compelling and entertaining?
  • Need to start selling again, but no place to do it?
  • Still need to raise money for that non-profit and wondering how to take a gala online?
  • Getting tired of the Zoom Room Look?
  • Experiencing the NIGHTMARES of trying to livestream a speaker's presentation?
  • Discouraged because these platforms aren’t designed to handle high quality livestream?
  • Realizing that virtual can be extremely boring?

If you answered yes to any of these

questions, then you are in the right place.












Breaking News!

Kelly Swanson & Primeau Productions

Have joined forces to bring you a whole new
kind of virtual presentation.


Because virtual shouldn't have to mean boring.

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Pre-Recorded Customized Video Productions... 

Customized to fit your group, your event, and the message you want. Wrapped in humor and story. Delivered more like a show than a lecture or webinar. The fact that they are pre-recorded means that we take out all the risk of trying to present live AND we add the value of being able to enhance the production to amaze your audience even more to keep them engaged and tuned in. You've seen that livestream often leads to poor quality and doesn't support high definition. Pre-recorded guarantees a quality experience for every attendee.

With live interaction between your audience and Kelly...

While the actual keynote has already been written and recorded, Kelly will join the event live to interact with the audience before and after the event - and even during! This way Kelly can ensure the highest quality interaction with your audience. Once Kelly starts weaving her magic, you don't want her to stop and chat with the audience. Q&A works just fine before or after a keynote.

Where we can do EVERYTHING as the event host.

Let us provide the platform, the landing page, the invite video, and even handle registrations! We can embed a fundraising component, advertise for sponsors and vendors, and insert a customized message from your CEO. We engage your audience leading up to the event to get them excited. In short, we can do everything. So all you have to do is come and enjoy the show.

Time to reinvent your fundraiser? We can make them care about what you care about.

Being an award-winning storyteller, Kelly has the ability to craft and tell YOUR story in a way that makes people listen. 
Online fundraisers just might be the very key to getting into MORE living rooms. Let Kelly bring the humor and emotion that opens their wallets. You may just realize that this is way more fun and effective than the way you've been doing it for years.

And, yes, we can still make sure they learn something. 

Kelly's content on Strategic Storytelling, and how to have more impact and influence in business, is still just as powerful online. Don't worry, she's been teaching and coaching online for years. And all of her programs include take home resources.


Let's put the FUN back into virtual presenting.

Kelly's stories are just as magical online, and her ability to connect and engage on a real level, is just as powerful. Some say, even more so.

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We hosted an online event in June just for women. We called it Girls Night In with Kelly Swanson. It was a two-hour event, and an amazing success. The compliments were off the hook. This was the web page we created for that event. ( We can create a page like this for you too! 


Below you will see a demo from the show, a couple of the promo videos (we can create one for you too) and a testimonial someone put on social media after the show. There were over 700 comments that night and they had a ball being able to chat with Kelly.


Kelly  Swanson you gave us a night to remember.You gave us light. You are authentical, beautiful, brave, honest, unstoppable, brilliant, funny and hilarious!!!  You showed us again that "middle age glory" rocks!!!! You gave us so many lessons tonight:

"Choose brave before waiting to feel it first"

"The stage is only as empty as we make it"

"The dreams don't die, sometimes they just take a new shape" and my favorite „sometimes we need the dark to remind us that someone needs our light".

.... One more thing, based on your commercials I am placing the order for the following:

- Emotional support muffins
- The Vodkatizer
- Sin labels
- Zoomba screen
- Silver lining

You better don't tell me that they are on backorder.

You are right " the power of the story is in the next chapter" - these words have special meaning especially in the COVID-19 times.

Faith, hope, love, family, friends and laughter are even more priceless than before.

Thank you for a STAR evening, thank you for joining me in my living room. You rocked the stage again same as you rocked it when I met you in Texas during the AADOM Conference

There is one thing that disappointed me .....  I did not want the GIRLS NIGHT IN with you to end. New York is waiting, Broadway is waiting!!!! See you soon 

Until then I am waiting for part 2 of tonight's show.... I have no doubt the room will be packed again 


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