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You have an important message.

But are they really listening?

Do they really care?

Well, let's change that.

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Is this you?

Are your sales people so focused on reciting everything that they can do, that they forget to sell what the client actually NEEDS? Have they become robotic - too focused on the script? Have they forgotten how important it is to make an emotional connection? Do they even know how? Teach your people how to solve problems and create emotional connections. And you'll close more sales.

Are your vendors wasting valuable time and energy in front of ideal buyers? We've walked the halls of trade shows and 99% of vendors are doing it wrong. Hint: Chocolate and a catchy promo item isn't enough. Why not find a way in seconds to tap into the pain of your buyer and show them you have the answer? That's worth way more than chocolate. One client of ours went from a few business cards that didn't pan out - to 27 cards agreeing to a follow up meeting. Because he used our formula.

Struggling to figure out how to sell from a computer screen? How to get your message out on social media so it actually sticks? We get it. Our method will help you sell virtually too - by teaching you how to create authentically and emotionally.  Same rules, just a different playground.

Well at least you know that stories are your magic weapon. Most of your competitors don't. And those that do, have no idea how to use the tool. We do. We've created a simple template you can use every time. It works. There's science behind it.  This is how you uncross their arms and get them to lean in.

Why should they?  Having something incredible and amazing does not mean they will want it.  You have to tap into what they care about, and quickly. It's not as hard as you think - if you have the blueprint. We have the blueprint.

You're probably right. Most stories in business are mediocre at best. We don't even have to hear your story to know the mistakes you're probably making.  We've shortened the learning curve for you, by creating a structure that works. Every time.

You got that right. It's a noisy crowded market, and too many people are just trying to scream louder. But the secret is not being heard above the noise - it's about being trusted in it.  We can show you how to break through the clutter and create a message that doesn't push, it pulls your buyer in. So you can get there attention and keep it. 

We understand that too. And that's what makes Story Impact Academy so cool - our secret weapon - Kelly Swanson.  We've seen Kelly, in minutes, take a story and add just a word or two, and it becomes AMAZING.  We haven't seen any story that didn't become great after Kelly worked her magic.  She's that good.

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Yes! There is a process that Kelly follows to teach you her Persuasion Principle. From philosophy, to structure, to application, to strategy, to finished message. Not only is it great content, it's lots of fun. You'll love the way Kelly teaches you to create compelling messages that touch the heart and raise your level of influence.





What we offer

How to raise your level of influence

Book a Program

Bring Kelly in (live or virtually) to teach your people the Persuasion Principle, and get them started on the path to crafting stories with impact. Kelly has a seven-step system she follows that takes you from teaching to a finished story. We will customize the program to fit your group objectives and needs. High energy. High impact.

Get Private Coaching

When you're tight on time, don't really care about learning the system, and just need a finished product, Kelly can help. We offer private coaching packages based on your project. Most private coaching is done virtually, but in-person coaching is available. Kelly is brilliant at helping you make over your message. 

Take the Course

If an online course is more your style, the Persuasion Principle Course takes you through Kelly's entire 7-step system, from teaching to finished story. Walk away with a finished story, and templates that will help you craft stories for years to come. This course is self-paced and pre-recorded with access to a private group with Kelly online.

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Want all the above, PLUS access to Kelly all year? Then become a graduate member of Story Impact Academy.  The course is included. You get to attend any retreats at no charge. You get continued education delivered to you every month. And you get access to Kelly online through small group coaching and online office hours. Perfect for people who use story in many aspects of their business - or trainers who are teaching it inside their organizations.  Group discounts and co-branding available.

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How It Works

Because we have so many ways we can serve you, and because our focus is on your objectives and outcomes, and because every project is different, we pride ourselves on being a boutique service. High end. High value. Exquisite attention to the details that matter to you and your team.

To get the process started, just fill out the contact form below and a program coordinator will contact you to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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We highly recommend that you fill out the assessment "Does your message need a makeover?" above and submit it, so that our team will be prepared for your call. Feel free to have all the members of your team fill it out individually and submit it to us. We will keep all copies for reference as you work with Kelly.

Getting excited?

So are we!

Where the Art of Story

Meets the Business of Persuasion

Kelly Swanson

Strategic Storytelling Expert

Award-Winning Storyteller 

Kelly Swanson has a 20-year proven track record of helping people in all industries to be more impactful, persuasive, and compelling. She can take your words and make them better.  Some claim she is the country's best storyteller, and a wizard at helping you do the same. Just ask anyone who's worked with her. We have quite an extensive list of references available at your request.


Keynote Programs on Harnessing the Power of Words to Connect, Influence, and Get Results. Customized to include humor, motivation, and audience interaction if requested.


Virtual and In-Person workshops to teach you how to add an emotional component to your words, how to structure persuasive copy and presentations, and how to structure story in a way that gets results.


Get Kelly's eyes on your words and projects to give you instant feedback on how to give your words more power. See how in minutes she can take it from good enough to amazing.

Street Cred

  • Author of The Story Formula: Connect and Engage through Strategic Storytelling, Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, Land of If Only.
  • Featured Entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines
  • Celebrity Mentor in The Fashion Hero TV Show (taught contestants  on the show how to tell their story on stage and camera)
  • Keynote Speaker for Toastmasters International Convention
  • Award-Winning Storyteller (Hollywood Advisory Board, and National Parenting Publication)
  • Huffington Post Contributor


Client booked Kelly for 35 events in one year.

We met Kelly at the annual conference of the National Speakers Association, where we went to find the best of the best. Kelly ran a workshop for her fellow professional speakers to help them improve their own presentations, and we were amazed. Not only was she a master storyteller herself, but she had a genius for helping others to do the same. We said to each other: “Wow, if she can do this for professional speakers, imagine what she can do for us in IT!” We booked her for all our events throughout 2019.

I am writing this testimonial in December 2019, and Kelly has been an absolute pleasure to work with this entire year. She spoke at 35 of our events. She is professional, funny, easy to work with and dependable. What more can you ask for?

It was very impressive to see Kelly build a keynote to fit our niche audience of executive government IT folks. She did a wonderful job educating our attendees on the importance of storytelling in life and business, while making it real to them on how they can apply this skill in their fields. My favorite part of her session was when she would go into the audience and interview random people to find out what they do, who they help, problems they run into, etc. to pull their story out of them while giving tips on the spot to help tell that story in an impactful way to garner more interested and stakeholder support.

Kelly can motivate anyone while keeping it light and humorous. I definitely recommend her to any business or organization!

Reilly Mortimer
National Conference Director
Government Technology magazine

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