Where the art of story meets the business of persuasion

We are a diverse community of people from different industries and walks of life, who are joining together under the guidance of Kelly Swanson, to master our craft, clarify our message, share our stories, and create the winning mindset to influence others, starting with ourselves. Kelly teaches us how to tap into the power of emotional connection and master those moments that matter.

We are truly changing the world, one story at a time.
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In Just MINUTES Kelly Can Take Your Words From Good To AMAZING

Story Impact Academy Is How You Can Extend the Learning After Having Kelly Speak At Your Event

If you had Kelly speak at your event, then you already know what a master storyteller she is, and you are already convinced that story is something you need to be paying attention to. Many people in business understand its importance, but few really know how to teach it. Until now.  Kelly is THE expert at helping you find the right stories, craft them so that they are compelling, persuasive, and easily digestible and repeatable, and come up with a strategy to incorporate them into your team and business.

Wow! I just can't thank you enough for your support in motivating me to be human about my story behind why I do the work that I do. Your artistic ability to take real life instances and illustrate the impact it can have on oneself and others, is truly inspirational. Thank you!

Jennifer Kelly Ordway, President/CEO, bēkən Holdings

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If you are here

You have an important message.

But are they really listening?

Do they really care?

Well, let's change that.

A message from Kelly Swanson, founder of Story Impact Academy

Hi. I'm  Kelly Swanson. It's nice to meet you. If you are here, then you are probably already familiar with my body of work. My entire career has been a kaleidoscope of stages - from cruise ships, to theaters, to convention halls and private retreats, to the pages of your books, and into the computers of your living rooms. Wherever I met you along that path, I hope I left you better than I found you. And I am so incredibly grateful that you are here.

As you already know, in everything I do, there is one common thread - the power of a story. My stories were my ticket to a life I could never have imagined.  There is  no question that my stories have been the key to my success, and they will be the key to yours. 

I created this Academy for one simple reason - to walk alongside of you and help you get your message out to the world. This is more than just an online course and monthly events, this is a special community where we learn, share, challenge, encourage, and link arms to help each other change the world, one story at a time.

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Is this you?

These are just a few of the ways that Story Impact Academy can serve your needs. It all boils down to the power of connection and story to influence yourself and others in the moments that count.
I need help with confidence and my mindset.

Before you can influence others, you want to make sure you have gotten rid of all the head trash, and the negative mindsets that are blocking you from having the power to influence others. The Academy doesn't just focus on influencing others - it also focuses on influencing YOURSELF. Our monthly Happy Ever After Club meetups are designed to give you a safe productive space to reset your mindset. We will follow along with Kelly's book The Affirmation Journal for Positive Thinking as prompts for discussion. Your membership does not include the book, but you don't need the book to participate. Check out the book on Amazon.

I need clarity on my messaging.

You already know you have something important to say - but you're not sure if you're saying it in a way that convinces, persuades, and motivates your listener to take action? No worries. We've got you covered. We can help you find the structure, clarity, and persuasive power you seek.

I'm good but I know I can be better.

You know you're powerful on that stage or whatever platform you use - but you know that your stories could be more powerful, that you could be funnier? Do you wish you had some sort of WOW factor that sets you apart? We can help you find it.

My team is burned out and needs to get passionate about the job again.

Are your people dealing with a massive amount of stress? Do you need a consistent place where they can come to get recharged and motivated and inspired? The Academy has tracks that offer just that. Online monthly meetups in different formats that allow your people to come get recharged. Motivational videos will be posted for them to watch on their own time. Kelly will have Open Office Hours where they can come chat. And the chat feature is available to get strength and encouragement from your fellow Academy  members. 

My sales people are leaving money on the table.

Are your sales people so focused on reciting everything that they can do, that they forget to sell what the client actually NEEDS? Have they become robotic - too focused on the script? Have they forgotten how important it is to make an emotional connection? Do they even know how? Teach your people how to solve problems and create emotional connections. And you'll close more sales.

Our vendors are not bringing back quality leads from trade shows.

Are your vendors wasting valuable time and energy in front of ideal buyers? We've walked the halls of trade shows and 99% of vendors are doing it wrong. Hint: Chocolate and a catchy promo item isn't enough. Why not find a way in seconds to tap into the pain of your buyer and show them you have the answer? That's worth way more than chocolate. One client of ours went from a few business cards that didn't pan out - to 27 cards agreeing to a follow up meeting. Because he used our formula.

We have no idea how to sell virtually.

Struggling to figure out how to sell from a computer screen? How to get your message out on social media so it actually sticks? We get it. Our method will help you sell virtually too - by teaching you how to create authentically and emotionally.  Same rules, just a different playground.

We know we should be telling stories, but we suck.

Well at least you know that stories are your magic weapon. Most of your competitors don't. And those that do, have no idea how to use the tool. We do. We've created a simple template you can use every time. It works. There's science behind it.  This is how you uncross their arms and get them to lean in.

We can't seem to make them care about our product.

Why should they?  Having something incredible and amazing does not mean they will want it.  You have to tap into what they care about, and quickly. It's not as hard as you think - if you have the blueprint. We have the blueprint.

Our story is okay, but we know it could be bettter.

You're probably right. Most stories in business are mediocre at best. We don't even have to hear your story to know the mistakes you're probably making.  We've shortened the learning curve for you, by creating a structure that works. Every time.

We're just not getting the attention of our buyers - it's too crowded out there.

You got that right. It's a noisy crowded market, and too many people are just trying to scream louder. But the secret is not being heard above the noise - it's about being trusted in it.  We can show you how to break through the clutter and create a message that doesn't push, it pulls your buyer in. So you can get there attention and keep it. 

We don't have the time to learn, we just want it done for us.

We understand that too. And that's what makes Story Impact Academy so cool - our secret weapon - Kelly Swanson.  We've seen Kelly, in minutes, take a story and add just a word or two, and it becomes AMAZING.  We haven't seen any story that didn't become great after Kelly worked her magic.  She's that good.We understand that too. And that's what makes Story Impact Academy so cool - our secret weapon - Kelly Swanson.  We've seen Kelly, in minutes, take a story and add just a word or two, and it becomes AMAZING.  We haven't seen any story that didn't become great after Kelly worked her magic.  She's that good.

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How Story Impact Academy Works

One Platform. Access for a Year. You Choose Your Level of Engagement.

Where The Academy "Lives"
Everything in the Academy is stored on a platform called Mighty Networks, which you can access through desktop or app. It's a clean user friendly platform where you will see your resources, chat with others in the Academy, and send messages to Kelly.

Virtual Events will be Hosted on Zoom

Kelly's Zoom Room www.KellySwansonZoomRoom.com is the where you go for EVERY live virtual event unless told otherwise. You will be notified of live events on your Mighty Networks platform, or as we will call it - the Academy.

What's Included in My Membership?
For as long as you are a paying member, you will have access to:

  • The Persuasion Principle Course Self-paced course that you take when/if you need it. You can ask questions and correspond with Kelly within the course platform. The course lives on the Academy platform. If you want to know more about the course/curriculum itself, go to www.PersuasionPrinciple.com If you only take the course, you have already earned your investment back ten fold.
  • Library of Digital Resources - The Story Formula Book, Story Libs Story Templates, How to Rewrite Your Inner Script digital pamphlet,  and many more resources and articles added each month.
  • Monthly Open Office Hours - Pop into Kelly's Zoom room with a quick specific question. Group format. Ask about a story, ask about selling, get encouragement on something stressing you out. No topic is off limits. This is your chance to meet with your facilitator in her office. What an amazing feature! You actually get access to Kelly directly - not handed off to someone else.
  • Story Makeover Group Sessions.  Bring five minutes to share, get five minutes of feedback from Kelly. Watch the recording later if you can't make it live. Valuable to watch even if you're not in the hot seat. Definitely the most popular thing in the Academy. This alone makes your investment worth it.
  • Virtual classes and discussions on topics of interest to members. Taught by Kelly and other special guest instructors. Maybe it's on the topic of adding humor, or creating characters, or crafting a one-person show, or writing a TED talk. New topics each month. And if you can't make it live, you can watch the recording later.
  • The Happy Ever After Book Club. Join us in our online monthly book club sessions where we work through the prompts in Kelly's Book "The Affirmation Journal for Positive Thinking" and go through action steps to reframe our mindset.
  • Online social events and share sessions. Just for networking and fellowship.
  • Your story shared in the community and on Kelly's social media channels. We love to highlight our members and help them get their message out to the world.
  • An encouraging community that doesn't require a commitment on your part.  The beauty of the Academy is that you engage at your level and on your own time. Even the meetups are designed for you to hop in and get what you need and hop out - or stay the whole time to listen. Up to you.

How do I start?
Enroll now and you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the platform and your private group. The course will launch on the site in September of 2022 and you will be notified when it's open for your access.

What about private coaching?
Private coaching is not included in your membership, but Kelly will offer discounted private coaching to Academy members. Just email us at [email protected] for pricing on one-on-one sessions.

What if I want more than a year?
We WANT you to come back year after year! When your membership is up for renewal, we will let you know and give you the option to renew. Future membership rates have not been determined, but you will get a discounted rate if you are already a member.

What this Academy is NOT
This is not a ramp to an upsell. We will not use this community to constantly ask you to buy something else.  Yes, Kelly will probably host live events in the future. We will let you know about those, and probably offer you a discount. But that's it. 

This is not something that requires you to be available at a certain time every week.  Or even at all. You choose how you want to play.

This is not a journey you take with the same group of people. Unless you purchase a special group package for your company, you will not be seeing the same people in every meet up.  As the community grows, we might offer opportunities for you to form smaller mastermind groups. But if you are seeking a small group of people you can meet up with every week, this isn't it.

What is the Story Impact Network? 
If you aren't ready to enroll in the Academy, then this is the next best thing. It's your way to stay in touch with Kelly, and get valuable story resources. We call it the Story Impact NETWORK - same platform - open to the public. The Story Impact Network is a community of story fans from all over the world. It is free to join. This network does not include access to the course or any online scheduled activities.

Fun For The Whole Team

Create story-driven ambassadors of your brand today so that every person knows how to master the moments that matter - and feels good about their value in the process.
This self-paced course is included in the Academy Membership
Click here for details on the course and Kelly's curriculum. Enroll all your employees in this amazing journey through the power of persuasion.

Kelly Swanson

Strategic Storytelling Expert

Award-Winning Storyteller

And your host in the Story Impact Academy

Kelly Swanson has a 20-year proven track record of helping people in all industries to be more impactful, persuasive, and compelling. She can take your words and make them better.  Some claim she is the country's best storyteller, and a wizard at helping you do the same. Just ask anyone who's worked with her. We have quite an extensive list of references available at your request.

Street Cred

  • Author of The Story Formula: Connect and Engage through Strategic Storytelling, Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, Land of If Only.
  • Featured Entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines
  • Celebrity Mentor in The Fashion Hero TV Show (taught contestants  on the show how to tell their story on stage and camera)
  • Keynote Speaker for Toastmasters International Convention
  • Award-Winning Storyteller (Hollywood Advisory Board, and National Parenting Publication)
  • Huffington Post Contributor


Client booked Kelly for 35 events in one year.

We met Kelly at the annual conference of the National Speakers Association, where we went to find the best of the best. Kelly ran a workshop for her fellow professional speakers to help them improve their own presentations, and we were amazed. Not only was she a master storyteller herself, but she had a genius for helping others to do the same. We said to each other: “Wow, if she can do this for professional speakers, imagine what she can do for us in IT!” We booked her for all our events throughout 2019.

I am writing this testimonial in December 2019, and Kelly has been an absolute pleasure to work with this entire year. She spoke at 35 of our events. She is professional, funny, easy to work with and dependable. What more can you ask for?

It was very impressive to see Kelly build a keynote to fit our niche audience of executive government IT folks. She did a wonderful job educating our attendees on the importance of storytelling in life and business, while making it real to them on how they can apply this skill in their fields. My favorite part of her session was when she would go into the audience and interview random people to find out what they do, who they help, problems they run into, etc. to pull their story out of them while giving tips on the spot to help tell that story in an impactful way to garner more interested and stakeholder support.

Kelly can motivate anyone while keeping it light and humorous. I definitely recommend her to any business or organization!

Reilly Mortimer
National Conference Director

Government Technology magazine

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